Monday, August 15, 2016

Train Journey - Quality Family Time

Question for the people who can afford Air travel

> When did you last time traveled in train with your family?
           We can hear - No not for long time back. 

So another question
>  Do you remember your childhood travel in trains? Do you cherish that?
            We can hear - A big YES.

Yes that is what train travel gives - Cherish the journey...

I remember all those travels minutely - Writing names of the stations. In a competition to siblings, I used to wake up in mid night and used to write those extra names by craning out the neck on those small town stations under dim light. (Yes those days there were windows without bars).
Those comics to be read and re-read and re-re-read.

I still travel in train with family. Why?

 I book in AC II Tier where we have enough space for us but at the same time not secluded like AC I Class cabins and not crowded like AC III tier.

Now you are in there for next 24-36 hours with your kids without any diversion except the diversions which your kids bring. Your kids learn to adjust with new people - they learn how to develop friendship in short duration with co-passengers and then have courage to say bye to them. Develop another friendship with new passengers. They learn how to choose from different things offer and still remain going. They learn to read those obscure books they never read at home. You watch their favourite things.

You relish all those fatty dishes with them as your spouse gives one time exemption during travel.

And YOU do all these things WITH THEM. No important appointments can take you away from them.

That's the beauty of Train Travel. 

Offcourse you and your kids would have to compromise on lot of things  - That too is learning.

I used to cherish these EARLIER and cherish them NOW and we will continue to do so in FUTURE.

Experience yourself to see ....