Friday, October 24, 2008

Language Power - Personal touch

Though not related to some Star but about language.

I was kid when my father was posted in other corner of India (quite far off from our native place). Along with some of my friends, I was purchasing gift for one of our friends. As usual we were debating what to purchase.

One gentleman was watching us and some how he said why do not you purchase camel. He said that surprisingly in my native language. I replied in the same language saying that we already have original camels in our village (I am from desert state of India where we have camels at our farm house).

That person was so amused that he said he is so happy to see a person of his place and requested profusely to come home.

Anyway he came home with me and became a good family friend later on.

So language is a great binder and gives a very good personal touch.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Childhood favorite time pass in Train journey

As my father had a transferable job, we had travelled a lot. At that time most of travel used to happen in train.

It used to be long journey.
We used like to see which all station are coming on the way and used to write name of all the station even where train is not stopping. It used to be tough task as to make list longer we have to crane out our head at each station. Try to be awake as long as possible, wake up in night to see if we can catch 2-3 more than our siblings.

We used to preserve our papers as treasure considering that this is something unique which we have.
After many years, when we grown up, we realized that the name of all those stations are already there in Train Timetable and directory. This made me feel so dumb when I remembered all those efforts put in preparing those lists.

School - What it mean to us....

Even long after leaving school, memories of school are one which we remember most.

Is it because we had good time there or because that is the place which makes or breaks our life. Whatever we became - Good or Bad, Successful or Failure, mostly depends on the school time.

That first day in school - for some it would have been separation from familiar territory of home, familiar face of parents/ siblings and stepping in the real world -sometime bad and sometime good. Some of us cries for what we leave behind and some of us are excited to find what we are going to get. Some are lucky to get great teacher and class mate who build our relationship whereas some feel unlucky for getting those strict teacher (though later in life we realize how good that was but that is too late to appreciate that moment). Also we come to true facets of life with those bully classmate without fall back of parent protection. But whatever it is those are memories which get inked in our life forever. For me, more than 50% of my dreams (those I get during my sleep and not one which I plan) have some or other linkage to school time.

Google Chrome - Does it excite you...

Some how since I started using Google as search engine, I somehow got biased to Google. When Gmail came in and one of my friend forward me invitation it was really just hooked to it.

Therefore when news about Google browser was out yesterday, I could not wait any more. I was continuously searching for the news when it is available to download.

And here it is I got the link and downloaded right away. While it is getting download here is the post. So you can see the excitement.

So I am and excited, are you...

Not sure about Microsoft who is still struggling to fight to Firefox and now one more to handle...