Sunday, December 7, 2008

Absurd Dream

Dreams are something which we like sometime whereas we hate some other times. Some time when we have a good dream in night, we wake up so fresh and enthusiastic that day goes so good. Whereas some other time, we get so tensed in our dream that we wake up exhausted. Similarly we do so many things in dream which we may consider beyond our capacity in normal course. Still some other time we dream totally absurd that we cannot interpret at all and unable to relate it with anything.
This is one of those absurd dreams. This dream goes something like this:

I am sitting with my some of my friends in garden and we are having juice, tea and coffee. Suddenly we see something in far off sky, something big moving. Everyone get curious however we are not getting a good view, so I decided to climb the Acacia tree. Focus changes here to my climbing. All my friends are enthusiastic about how high I can climb on this try. Somehow I do not know where from I am getting energy but I am climbing up and up. Also looks like tree is too tall, it is no more an Acacia tree rather it turns out to be some other tall tree. Everyone is guiding me and telling that I should not see down. In between all these I reach top of the tree and I see that the thing which we were seeing in sky is really strange – it looks like a small area of some town is moving around. There is small house with boundary wall, trees etc are moving. Surprisingly that is coming toward us and I am falling in that.
Suddenly scene changes and I find myself in front of my house and my house is changed quite a bit and I can see some of the things in front of my house which were there in that moving mass in sky. There is a deadly silence there. I am unable to understand what is going on. At that time I see my passport lying in front of my house. I ran and grab that and I see a noting in that where it is written “Deported out of Earth Planet”. I am bewildered what happened. Some thoughts come to my mind and I feel that all this is because of that moving mass which has deposited in front of my house. I am looking for my wife but she is not where. I then see all our bank passbooks are lying outside. I ran and grab those and find that all my passbooks are having entry that “Account ceased” whereas all my wife’s passbooks are having entry that “Full amount withdrawn and account closed”.
During all these I find there are lot of uniformed people descending toward me. One of them orders me to leave the place. I am defiant and saying why should I leave my house. They do not say anything but a cunning smile on their face. I start raising my voice still no one is answering me but are smiling. I get hysterical and one of the person signals other and they come around with one injection of sedatives to grab me. Somehow I get a feeling what they are about to do and tried to run away. There is high boundary wall around me but I do not know where from I am getting energy, I jumped over that and all those people are left behind.
I am running around and do not know whether some one told me, I get in mind that this is all absurd misunderstanding and if I somehow delay all this, I will be out of this doldrums. So my brain is now running fast how to delay my deportation. I went around and trying to go in a shop to do some purchasing for my journey but again surprisingly everyone knows me and they shut door on me. I am again thinking what to do. Next I reach one public utility area and want to freshen up but again they closed their door. I tried to force entry their but they have put strong bars in front of door and windows. Again I am having unexplained power and I am able to break bars and gained entry.
The scene changes and now I have in mind that whatever the authorities have done to me is not legal but since they have done this to me they want to frame some how so that they can justify their action. They are ready to go to the extent that even if I do not pay electricity or telephone bill they will treat this violation of law and that will result in deportation. At the same time something is coming to my mind (again totally absurd) that if some how I get placed at number 41, all this misery can go away.
The scene again changes and I find that one of my office colleagues is also in same situation. We discuss and find that our telephone bill is due so let us pay this before it is overdue. We both are going to the telephone department in our cars. What we find that there are road blocks put in our way to delay us. We are trying to take different routes but there is big block in front of my car and I cannot move at all. At the same time someone bangs my colleague’s car and he gets hurt and unable to drive. I jump in his car which is a 4x4 and take driver seat. Some how seat is very low and I am unable to see road in front of me. I tried to pull seat up but it broke. Now I am squatting and driving. Again there are many racing cars which are trying to block our way. I am navigating between these cars and trying to reach telephone office as fast possible before it closes.
Ultimately we reach the telephone office and I jump out with both our bills however there is a long queue and they are distributing tokens. I run to get a token. To my surprise I get token # 41. I am so happy that I just jumped as some how my instinct is saying that our miseries are over.
And that’s when my daughter wakes me up….

Friday, October 24, 2008

Language Power - Personal touch

Though not related to some Star but about language.

I was kid when my father was posted in other corner of India (quite far off from our native place). Along with some of my friends, I was purchasing gift for one of our friends. As usual we were debating what to purchase.

One gentleman was watching us and some how he said why do not you purchase camel. He said that surprisingly in my native language. I replied in the same language saying that we already have original camels in our village (I am from desert state of India where we have camels at our farm house).

That person was so amused that he said he is so happy to see a person of his place and requested profusely to come home.

Anyway he came home with me and became a good family friend later on.

So language is a great binder and gives a very good personal touch.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Childhood favorite time pass in Train journey

As my father had a transferable job, we had travelled a lot. At that time most of travel used to happen in train.

It used to be long journey.
We used like to see which all station are coming on the way and used to write name of all the station even where train is not stopping. It used to be tough task as to make list longer we have to crane out our head at each station. Try to be awake as long as possible, wake up in night to see if we can catch 2-3 more than our siblings.

We used to preserve our papers as treasure considering that this is something unique which we have.
After many years, when we grown up, we realized that the name of all those stations are already there in Train Timetable and directory. This made me feel so dumb when I remembered all those efforts put in preparing those lists.

School - What it mean to us....

Even long after leaving school, memories of school are one which we remember most.

Is it because we had good time there or because that is the place which makes or breaks our life. Whatever we became - Good or Bad, Successful or Failure, mostly depends on the school time.

That first day in school - for some it would have been separation from familiar territory of home, familiar face of parents/ siblings and stepping in the real world -sometime bad and sometime good. Some of us cries for what we leave behind and some of us are excited to find what we are going to get. Some are lucky to get great teacher and class mate who build our relationship whereas some feel unlucky for getting those strict teacher (though later in life we realize how good that was but that is too late to appreciate that moment). Also we come to true facets of life with those bully classmate without fall back of parent protection. But whatever it is those are memories which get inked in our life forever. For me, more than 50% of my dreams (those I get during my sleep and not one which I plan) have some or other linkage to school time.

Google Chrome - Does it excite you...

Some how since I started using Google as search engine, I somehow got biased to Google. When Gmail came in and one of my friend forward me invitation it was really just hooked to it.

Therefore when news about Google browser was out yesterday, I could not wait any more. I was continuously searching for the news when it is available to download.

And here it is I got the link and downloaded right away. While it is getting download here is the post. So you can see the excitement.

So I am and excited, are you...

Not sure about Microsoft who is still struggling to fight to Firefox and now one more to handle...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Parent - Streched between work and children

This is one incident which had been stuck in memory since long time but whenever I every time it, it gives me a new meaning and thoughts. When it happened it was a very simple and straight forward incident that must have happened in most of the child's life but if we think about it, we find how much sacrifice our parent do for us and how much they love us. It was primary school time and our drawing teacher asked us get Tube oil colors. I came home and informed my Father to get me the same. We used to have drawing class twice in a week. He keep forgetting to bring that for continuous 2-3 times and one day our teacher warned us that if we do not bring then we will get punished. I was not very happy and started following up with my Father. He was in Military Police and they were very busy those days. And D day came and next day was again drawing class and I ensured to wake up early to remind my Father and he said he will certainly bring it that day. I could not sleep that night and kept waiting for him to come home. He came after midnight as he was involved in doing some investigations (that I came to know later on when we used to talk about that incident). But at that age all these things were totally out of my understanding. When he arrived, I just saw that his hands were empty. We never dare to confront our Father.

Only reaction which I had is two drops came out of my eyes. He observed that, he was very tired but he did not even change his uniform and told my mother that he will be back in an hour. I had lost hope and went to sleep. When I woke up, I was having Tube Oil Colors to take to school though my Father has already left for office. I was too young to realize many things but some how that touched me. His love and caring behind his tough nature was some how got visible to me. Later on I came to know from my mother that he went all the way to the city as there were no shops open in cantonment at that time. There also he has to wake up friendly shopkeeper to open the shop and get those Tube oil color. He came back around 04:00 AM in morning and go back at 07:00 to office as usual. I never used those colors much and those were with me (go dried of course) for so long. I do not know if this mean anything for anyone but somehow it mean a lot for me. At that time, I felt that he can do anything for us if he wants. Then later when I grew some how, I started realizing despite all his obligations how much he care for us.

When I grew further to understand family life, I started realizing how tough it was for him to handle all this. Now when I have child, I realize what it mean to balance professional and family life. Hats off to him who managed it so well.....

Saturday, August 2, 2008

"Life Tidbits" - जिंदगी के वो शानदार और ज्ञान भरे लम्हे

जिंदगी एक कहानी है - यह तो हम सभी कहते हैं और जानते भी हैं।

तो क्या हम यह कहानी दूसरो को सुनाना भी हैं? हमेंसे कुछ कहेंगे नहीं और कुछ कहेंगे हाँ।
परन्तु अगर मैं पूछूं की क्या आप जाने-अनजाने में यह सब बताते नही रहते क्या, तो आप सब को हाँ कहना ही पड़ेगा।
हम सबके के दिमाग में भले ही हमारी पूरी जिंदगी की कहानी स्पष्ट ना हो परन्तु कुछ वाकये - वो छोटी छोटी बातें जरुर कहीं अटकी रहती हैं और हम बात निकलने पर वो वाकये कह डालते हैं।

इस कोने के जरिये हमारी कोशिश रहेगी की हम उन वाकयों को हमेशा के लिय दर्ज करलें।

हमारी आप से भी यही गुजारिश हैं की आइये और इस संग्रहण का ओर विस्तार करिए।

Life Tidbits

There are many occasions when we find ourself start talking about our life. Though not complete story but those small-small incidents which some how unconsciously are registered in our mind. We also love to narrate those small events of life when there is appropriate context.

When we talk about narrating our life story, it get boring and some time to the extent of annoying if we start babbling long stories with all those spices however everyone would like 'Life Tidbits' when narrated with innocence and honesty in proper context.

Our effort will to stick to Tidbits and let us know we are crossing our limits।