Thursday, August 23, 2012

Example of Honesty and Values - one which we are loosing fast

One the memoirs which I cherish till date. Was in one of the bank branch. There was a very small loan amount given to a street vendor. Unfortunately he died. After sometime his wife came and asked how much loan is pending for his husband as she want to pay. Obviously she was really very poor and did not have any source of income other than meager amount getting by selling brooms at road side. After hearing/ verifying (banker at last), all the story, our Dy. Manager (Credit) internally discussed and said let us waive this off. In any case we write off so much for the people who are not paying, at least in this case it is a very genuine case and the lady is so honest. He told the lady that leave it out, we will waive it off. To the surprise to all of us, she said no, I want to pay the loan because I do not want my husband's soul be indebted to the bank, only request is if you can make it in instalment then it will be helpful for me. Everyone was really amazed. An instalment of Rs 50 per week was fixed. Believe it, when she used to come to deposit that Rs 50-, everyone in the branch used to show so much respect to her which biggest customer would not be getting. She never missed that installment and paid entire loan.
That is the honesty and values. One thing which we are loosing really fast...