Monday, August 15, 2016

Train Journey - Quality Family Time

Question for the people who can afford Air travel

> When did you last time traveled in train with your family?
           We can hear - No not for long time back. 

So another question
>  Do you remember your childhood travel in trains? Do you cherish that?
            We can hear - A big YES.

Yes that is what train travel gives - Cherish the journey...

I remember all those travels minutely - Writing names of the stations. In a competition to siblings, I used to wake up in mid night and used to write those extra names by craning out the neck on those small town stations under dim light. (Yes those days there were windows without bars).
Those comics to be read and re-read and re-re-read.

I still travel in train with family. Why?

 I book in AC II Tier where we have enough space for us but at the same time not secluded like AC I Class cabins and not crowded like AC III tier.

Now you are in there for next 24-36 hours with your kids without any diversion except the diversions which your kids bring. Your kids learn to adjust with new people - they learn how to develop friendship in short duration with co-passengers and then have courage to say bye to them. Develop another friendship with new passengers. They learn how to choose from different things offer and still remain going. They learn to read those obscure books they never read at home. You watch their favourite things.

You relish all those fatty dishes with them as your spouse gives one time exemption during travel.

And YOU do all these things WITH THEM. No important appointments can take you away from them.

That's the beauty of Train Travel. 

Offcourse you and your kids would have to compromise on lot of things  - That too is learning.

I used to cherish these EARLIER and cherish them NOW and we will continue to do so in FUTURE.

Experience yourself to see ....

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bucket Bath : Advantage over shower bath

Though this looks a trivial thing but have we thought about it how simple chores of bath has changed over period and with that some of the benefits has washed down the drain.

Earlier days: We used to take water in a bucket and take bath using mug.
Now-a-days: We open the shower and stand under that and take bath.

So what's the big deal. Think and we will find it.

- Filling water in bucket was an exercise in itself, pick up the bucket (exercise of back), carry it to tank or tap, place it (again exercise), fill it, lift it (exercise of hand, muscles), carry it (weight lifting exercise) to bath place. Sit down (again exercise of different parts), take mug and pour one by one (again exercise), since sitting comfortably tend to spend time cleaning thoroughly (cleanliness), use water as required instead of free flow while we are rubbing soap or cleaning (saving water)...

In contrast, go under shower open it (no bending, no change in position, no exercise). Water keep on flowing making it wastage of water.

So see how some of the simple things used to have so many practical things attached.

Hence go back to basics - bucket bath :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Example of Honesty and Values - one which we are loosing fast

One the memoirs which I cherish till date. Was in one of the bank branch. There was a very small loan amount given to a street vendor. Unfortunately he died. After sometime his wife came and asked how much loan is pending for his husband as she want to pay. Obviously she was really very poor and did not have any source of income other than meager amount getting by selling brooms at road side. After hearing/ verifying (banker at last), all the story, our Dy. Manager (Credit) internally discussed and said let us waive this off. In any case we write off so much for the people who are not paying, at least in this case it is a very genuine case and the lady is so honest. He told the lady that leave it out, we will waive it off. To the surprise to all of us, she said no, I want to pay the loan because I do not want my husband's soul be indebted to the bank, only request is if you can make it in instalment then it will be helpful for me. Everyone was really amazed. An instalment of Rs 50 per week was fixed. Believe it, when she used to come to deposit that Rs 50-, everyone in the branch used to show so much respect to her which biggest customer would not be getting. She never missed that installment and paid entire loan.
That is the honesty and values. One thing which we are loosing really fast...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wish for an electronic gadget

I would like to own an ebook reader but I want a sleek one so that I can read lie down on sofa and read like a actual book, flip pages like book after licking my fingers :)

Thin and foldable so that I can put in top pocket or back pocket to read in car or bus. Tough enough so that even if I sleep during reading and roll over it, it does not break.

Connected to net so that I can borrow from any library of the world…

Wishes may come true some day....

Saturday, January 9, 2010

विचार जो आते हैं...

बहुत बार हम सोचते तो हैं परन्तु उन विचारों को क्रियान्विन्त नहीं करते और नहीं कर पाते. बहुत सारी अडचने होती हैं या limitations होती हैं. अंत में मन मार कर रह जाते हैं.

तो क्या किया जाए. एक तरीका तो है कि मन की माने और  वैसा ही करे परन्तु वास्तविकता यह करने नहीं देती.

हाँ कुछ छोटी-छोटी बातें है जो हम जरूर अमल में ला सकते हैं जैसे ब्लॉग पर लिखना.

तो हैं कुछ विचार जो आप औरों के साथ बाटना चाहते हैं. तो हम लिख भेजिये. Tags:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

School Love

I was down with fever but still insisted on going school. Reason - We have a unit test and I do not want to skip that because otherwise I loose on the competition. With all my childhood fuss, I manage to convince my mother to allow me to go to school. But then it is hard to skip my teacher's eyes. She noticed immediately that something is wrong and called near her and without touching my head, my body gave out the so well guarded secret. My elder sister was ordered immediately who was in same school and asked to accompany me home. As soon as I heard that, I nearly went hysterical as I do not want to miss my test. Only after promise from my teacher that I will be given test after I am back, I agreed to go home.

So which class was that - Kindergarten :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Absurd Dream

Dreams are something which we like sometime whereas we hate some other times. Some time when we have a good dream in night, we wake up so fresh and enthusiastic that day goes so good. Whereas some other time, we get so tensed in our dream that we wake up exhausted. Similarly we do so many things in dream which we may consider beyond our capacity in normal course. Still some other time we dream totally absurd that we cannot interpret at all and unable to relate it with anything.
This is one of those absurd dreams. This dream goes something like this:

I am sitting with my some of my friends in garden and we are having juice, tea and coffee. Suddenly we see something in far off sky, something big moving. Everyone get curious however we are not getting a good view, so I decided to climb the Acacia tree. Focus changes here to my climbing. All my friends are enthusiastic about how high I can climb on this try. Somehow I do not know where from I am getting energy but I am climbing up and up. Also looks like tree is too tall, it is no more an Acacia tree rather it turns out to be some other tall tree. Everyone is guiding me and telling that I should not see down. In between all these I reach top of the tree and I see that the thing which we were seeing in sky is really strange – it looks like a small area of some town is moving around. There is small house with boundary wall, trees etc are moving. Surprisingly that is coming toward us and I am falling in that.
Suddenly scene changes and I find myself in front of my house and my house is changed quite a bit and I can see some of the things in front of my house which were there in that moving mass in sky. There is a deadly silence there. I am unable to understand what is going on. At that time I see my passport lying in front of my house. I ran and grab that and I see a noting in that where it is written “Deported out of Earth Planet”. I am bewildered what happened. Some thoughts come to my mind and I feel that all this is because of that moving mass which has deposited in front of my house. I am looking for my wife but she is not where. I then see all our bank passbooks are lying outside. I ran and grab those and find that all my passbooks are having entry that “Account ceased” whereas all my wife’s passbooks are having entry that “Full amount withdrawn and account closed”.
During all these I find there are lot of uniformed people descending toward me. One of them orders me to leave the place. I am defiant and saying why should I leave my house. They do not say anything but a cunning smile on their face. I start raising my voice still no one is answering me but are smiling. I get hysterical and one of the person signals other and they come around with one injection of sedatives to grab me. Somehow I get a feeling what they are about to do and tried to run away. There is high boundary wall around me but I do not know where from I am getting energy, I jumped over that and all those people are left behind.
I am running around and do not know whether some one told me, I get in mind that this is all absurd misunderstanding and if I somehow delay all this, I will be out of this doldrums. So my brain is now running fast how to delay my deportation. I went around and trying to go in a shop to do some purchasing for my journey but again surprisingly everyone knows me and they shut door on me. I am again thinking what to do. Next I reach one public utility area and want to freshen up but again they closed their door. I tried to force entry their but they have put strong bars in front of door and windows. Again I am having unexplained power and I am able to break bars and gained entry.
The scene changes and now I have in mind that whatever the authorities have done to me is not legal but since they have done this to me they want to frame some how so that they can justify their action. They are ready to go to the extent that even if I do not pay electricity or telephone bill they will treat this violation of law and that will result in deportation. At the same time something is coming to my mind (again totally absurd) that if some how I get placed at number 41, all this misery can go away.
The scene again changes and I find that one of my office colleagues is also in same situation. We discuss and find that our telephone bill is due so let us pay this before it is overdue. We both are going to the telephone department in our cars. What we find that there are road blocks put in our way to delay us. We are trying to take different routes but there is big block in front of my car and I cannot move at all. At the same time someone bangs my colleague’s car and he gets hurt and unable to drive. I jump in his car which is a 4x4 and take driver seat. Some how seat is very low and I am unable to see road in front of me. I tried to pull seat up but it broke. Now I am squatting and driving. Again there are many racing cars which are trying to block our way. I am navigating between these cars and trying to reach telephone office as fast possible before it closes.
Ultimately we reach the telephone office and I jump out with both our bills however there is a long queue and they are distributing tokens. I run to get a token. To my surprise I get token # 41. I am so happy that I just jumped as some how my instinct is saying that our miseries are over.
And that’s when my daughter wakes me up….