Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bucket Bath : Advantage over shower bath

Though this looks a trivial thing but have we thought about it how simple chores of bath has changed over period and with that some of the benefits has washed down the drain.

Earlier days: We used to take water in a bucket and take bath using mug.
Now-a-days: We open the shower and stand under that and take bath.

So what's the big deal. Think and we will find it.

- Filling water in bucket was an exercise in itself, pick up the bucket (exercise of back), carry it to tank or tap, place it (again exercise), fill it, lift it (exercise of hand, muscles), carry it (weight lifting exercise) to bath place. Sit down (again exercise of different parts), take mug and pour one by one (again exercise), since sitting comfortably tend to spend time cleaning thoroughly (cleanliness), use water as required instead of free flow while we are rubbing soap or cleaning (saving water)...

In contrast, go under shower open it (no bending, no change in position, no exercise). Water keep on flowing making it wastage of water.

So see how some of the simple things used to have so many practical things attached.

Hence go back to basics - bucket bath :)


Harshi said...

ha ha!you r so funny, Prakashak

Harshi said...
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